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Hiding, everybody’s hiding that they’re not dead inside. Laughing, everybody’s laughing, because it’s not funny anymore. Running, everybody’s running from the killing fear all around us. Lying, everybody’s lying because the truth can’t hide forever Dying, everybody’s dying to keep … Continue reading

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All our lives go in circles Nothing is ever straight and just plain true There’s always angles and different takes That go along with all that you give. Sometimes that’s a great gift – a real surprise Coming back to … Continue reading

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It makes me so angry, the horrible things people say That can’t be answered, that need to be addressed But it ain’t no use because their minds are so fast shut Nothing I say can ever light their darkness. Anything … Continue reading

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Going Away

Don’t know why anymore than where No, not really, if you have to ask But time’s a wasting and you can’t go back Gotta go onward, ain’t no use. Some folks talk about like its a train ride It’s a … Continue reading

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“No” seems like such a simple concept. It’s kind of like “mine.” It doesn’t have a half life. It is terrifically influenced by context, It is something everyone controls or no one does. You’re supposed to know it when you’re … Continue reading

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Boy in a Mason Jar

What a crazy quilt collection Just a kid, they say, he’ll get better. Just give him time they say. Daddy does not approve Doesn’t understand or believe in what Al wants Respect He tries to be such a good father … Continue reading

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So many ways ways to fuck up, Jesus. Did I miss a single trick? Nope, not in this life. No one trick pony here, that’s fer sure. I know all the tricks, every last one, damn it. Not that any … Continue reading

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Each moment follows    without mercy Challenging the resolve to cling to life It doesn’t really matter, not really, Nobody cares, no one notices Smile, smile, smile and pretend Pretend you don’t care Pretend things will be OK Pretend to look … Continue reading

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When everything you say is disbelieved When nothing you say is right When nothing you can do make things better When nowhere you can go gives comfort What’s left to say? What’s left to do? Every day the road gets … Continue reading

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The keys to her soul Stroked ivories played To sync her whole To heal What’s frayed Should be a role For which he’d trade His own soul His eccentric heart Taut stretched harp string Hold tensions apart Cause his heart … Continue reading

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