It makes me so angry, the horrible things people say
That can’t be answered, that need to be addressed
But it ain’t no use because their minds are so fast shut
Nothing I say can ever light their darkness.

Anything I say will just make them mad, like me.
Anything I can do will fail to have the effect I want.
Closed minds do not open with reason, they only scoff
Allegiances and prejudices are bedfellows, enemies of reason.

And frankly, I can’t be bothered, though it bothers me.
My anger gets in my way and keeps me from enjoyment.
And that makes some of these jokers happy
Their goal is my anger and frustration.

Seems a shame to give them the satisfaction
So I sit quiet in my turmoil on a gentle quiet simmer.
Or I get up and leave the cause of my disquiet behind
Wondering if I should really have made the fruitless effort.

And however utterly useless and inefficient
My heart screams out that there must be some magic discourse
That will convince the unconvincable and cure them of error
Realigning their world view to be consistent with my own.

What is my responsibility to speak up and call out error?
Am I remiss and faulty to my beliefs if I stay silent?
It is a terrible conundrum as old as time
And I am no closer to finding its solution.

About quenyar

Just another bozo on this bus.
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