You walk
each day a fine line
one step at a time
count them
slowly sometimes
faster some days
say your name

You were small
you got bigger
they chased you
you outran them
most days
they called you
they taunted you
say your name

Alone you walked
into a bright world
she took your hand
it was alright
nothing else mattered
we went everywhere
it was Summer
the Spring and Fall
winter was ours
say your name

Together you made
Moments that mattered
arm in arm sometimes
tooth and nail others
it was all good
it was all bad
babies, boys, dogs
just passing through
A lifetime come
A lifetime gone
say your name

Change happens
Transcendence Transformance
Every little day
All through the night
It feels right
It feels wrong
It comes and goes
We make do
We do without
You take
She gives
She goes without
say your name

The crises come
The mountains tremble
the voices rise
the tempers rise
the spirit falls
you face them
together again
separated by distance
carrying baggage
hosting resentment
cradling contentment
casting fear
say your name

The chasm opens
you run ahead
nothing can touch you
her hand in yours
but it’s gone
suddenly empty
instantly alone
you can’t remember
you can’t forget
you don’t want this
you can’t help this
nameless at last
there is no way to
say your name

About quenyar

Just another bozo on this bus.
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