Shadow Land

We live in a shadow land, a world of slight of mind and mythology
Our personal spaces are inhabited by monsters, villains, heroes and their victims
We exist in a world of blinders and denial where anything can be real and nothing is real
Rampaging powers understand the composition of reality very well
They use us like pawns in a matrix of make believe
And for every person who sees it, there are a million blind.

It doesn’t much matter who you are or what you believe in your own heart
Nobody cares where you come from or your profession or your race, creed, color or religion
Those are just details where tomorrow is assembled from the wreckage of today
It’s the prophesy of power that casts the dice for every move you make
And it isn’t just women, or lesbians, or transwomen or queers
It’s everybody everywhere in the human tides of illusion and delusion.

They slice and dice us into so many different boxes between them
We are so many things that it is impossible to discern a clear and simple allegiance
Tomorrow you will read the road map differently and find yourself in a different place
You can get so angry you can’t see the sense of not killing yourself
You can get so cold you won’t give the bastards the satisfaction
Either way you go on again into the next wave of misunderstanding.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t see the twists and turns of the maze I live in
It would be so relaxing to just lie back asleep and let them take me wherever
But I can tell the difference between nothing and naught and all or nothing
I have the satisfaction of the wonderful illusion of being free from the common delusion
We celebrate our cleverness together with fresh assumptions based on the lies we like best
Each day another revolution, a revelation, an epiphany, a new sham.

And what is the god damn fucking point of this whole ludicrous charade?
That rather depends on who you are and where you want to go, doesn’t it?
Some people want this answer and some others want that one so hard they can taste it
There were Jews for Hitler and plenty of Nazis who failed to obey their orders
It’s not so much important what we consider to be the truth
It matters what we do with and to others on the basis of what that truth might be.

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Just another bozo on this bus.
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