You know what they told me? A pack of lies and cheats mostly
About how it was going to be when I grew up and became a real person
Who I would be, what I would do, what I would know, it was all bunk
And the worst part of all this, worse than anything they told me
Was that I believed it, hook, line and sinker, what a fool

It was going to get easier, things were going to be better
The problems of an uncertain and difficult world would be solved
We were making progress and the results were going to be better
For me, for strangers, for the people I knew, for everybody
All our lives were going to flower and blossom like magic

And I believed in magic, too, I had to, in my way
Because I always felt I was owed something, like the world was mine
Like there was some great debt to which I held the title deed
It didn’t matter what I did, nor what I failed to do, that didn’t really matter
Everything would come out in the destiny I was destined to have

I can see you there shaking your head at me, because you understand
What a child I have been to believe in good fairies and spirits
In the good getting the best and the bad getting the rest
In a life written by screen writers with plenty of twists and turns
But I always rode off into the sunset with the horse and the girl

I was never the girl who got rode away with, nor the horse for that matter
It was never my fault, the pain I gave to others, it was just an effect
Bad things happened but not because I did not prevent them and
Most certainly not because I selfishly made them happen to you
In my life I was the star and the epic was all about me.

Now I have to lie silent and still in the silence of the darkness
Listening to my own heartbeat, feeling the tears down my face
With no one to hold me and tell me it’s alright
Arrived here one foot before the other by my own choice
Just another lost little girl afraid of the dark

There’s nobody left to blame but me.

About quenyar

Just another bozo on this bus.
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