When I am alone
I can be dealt with
I can be awed, frightened, bullied
I am vulnerable

This is a known fact about me
It’s on file in DC
in Brussels
In Moscow
In Rome
It’s a well known fact

And I’m not alone either
You’re right there with me
The same reality constrains us all
And yet it’s facts they use to separate us
To atomize our unity
Moving us from a position of strength
To one of weakness

They’re so good at manipulation
It’s what they do best
It’s the secret of their success
And our failure

Drive the wedge between people who share
Turn brother against brother and sister against sister
Divide and conquer
White man, black man, lesbian, trans
Round and round it goes
Hurt on hurt again and again

Somebody dies. Nobody I know
Another grave – inevitable result
In confusion there is profit
In harm there is gain
The prophesy of power is complete

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3 Responses to Alone

  1. Adair says:

    Jessica, you are awesome.

    So, I am looking for trans protest songs. And, after struggling to write lyrics myself because Google wasn’t sending me any handy youtube videos where someone’s already done the work, I remembered the poetry you sometimes post on genderfork, then tracked you down here. The stuff you already have posted is the sort of honest, revolutionary, inclusive, self-assertive, socially critical, etc, etc stuff I want to hear, and sounds pretty great as spoken word. Do you want to work on something with a catchy chorus that gets some part of the trans/genderqueer liberation message across?

    I am totally not a songwriter or particularly musical (identified with your poem “Voice”), but as Utah Phillips or someone once said, in this day of mass-marketing, the revolutionary song is any song you choose to sing for yourself.

    Anyway, I am not trying to presume I have a right to your creative labor if you aren’t excited by the project, and in any case, keep up the good work!



  2. quenyar says:

    Sounds like fun. Please drop me an email and lets discuss it more.

    • Adair says:

      Can’t find your email address. Mmm, not sure if you can see mine, but if not, it’s akathleenak at gmail.

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