Trans Identity

A lot of people will take you to task
For taking their label in vain
Will really be offended, will really want to rip you
For not conforming the right way.

It’s a funny thing that the folks with
The biggest commitment to nonconformity
Get the most upset, say the cruelest things
It doesn’t bother them a bit.

But it bothers me so much to be disrespected
So much by people I respect
It harms me, it makes me want to doubt
Everything I have fought so hard to learn.

And it doesn’t help any at all in any way
To have this wall of false intimacy between you
Never meeting the people who dis you, never really
Seeing the place from which they want to move your world.

Get off me and take your anger elsewhere
Whether it was justified or not, whether it was meant to help or not
When you get to be me, in my life, in my way
You’ll understand the way I disagree with you.

Until that happens, I am afraid we’ll have to disagree
We’ll stay apart, alone, separate, each in our own world
We will leave unsaid what doesn’t matter, what won’t change
Who I think you are or who you think I am.

About quenyar

Just another bozo on this bus.
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